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                  A) High-FiltrationTM Isolation Mask
• Provides maximum protection against contaminants
• Filters 1.0 micron-size parti- A cles; exceeds 99% bacteria
filtration efficiency
• Attaches with soft,
cushiony ear loops;
Lightweight, cool and B comfortable
B) Fluidshield® Masks
• 4-layer masks feature fluid-resistant, micro-perforated film that guards against splash, splatter, spray
• Filter 1.0 micron-size particles at 99% efficiency; Comfort-stretch ear loops fit all; may also be worn with glasses
Personal Protection
 Face Masks/Shields
 Face any risk & breathe easy.
  B A
• Provide greater than 95% in-vitro bacterial filtration efficiency; pillow-soft earloop design
• A. Regular Face Mask: hypoallergenic with filtration to 0.6 micron
• B. Extra-Protection Face Mask: hypoallergenic with effective sub-micron filtration level of 0.1 micron; 4-layer design enhances splash protection
• C. Extra-Protection PLUS Face Mask: sub-micron filtration of 0.1 micron, plus adjustable peripheral eye protection from spray, splatter
Per box (A) 19174M (B) 19175M
Extra Protection
50 17.55 50 24.35
  Isofluid® Earloop Mask
• Ideal for sensitive skin
• Includes outer, fluid-
resistant layer, inner layer of white facial tissue
• Protects with particle filtration efficiency of 99.5% of 1.0 microns
Per box of 50 020316
Face Mask
• Thick, foam strip keeps condensation from escaping from top of mask—prevents fog- ging of eyeglasses
• Full-width, covered nosepiece guarantees proper closure, reduces risk of wire exposure
• Cool comfortable cel- lulose facing
Per box of 50
5550-51 Blue Tie-On Face Mask
5550-52 Procedure Mask w/ Earloop
Ultra No-Fog® Face Mask with Shield
• Fluid resistant outer
layer with white fluid
resistant inner layer • Unique No-Fog non-
woven barrier on inner
and outer layers to
prevent fogging with an
optically clear, distortion free wrap around shield
Per box of 25 2683-02
 10.35 10.35
                3MTM 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator
• NIOSH/MSHA approved
• Designed for use around lung-damaging, non-toxic
dusts and mists, such as lead, coal, silica, cotton dust
• Appropriate for oil and non-oil-containing
environments without time limitations
• Requires no maintenance
Per box of 20
56009M 26.05
  Per box Qty (A) 19101M High-FiltrationTM Isolation Mask 50 (B) 19102M Fluidshield® without visor 40
Face Shield
• Disposable shield provides optimal protection
• Distortion-free, anti-fog, optically clear; may be used with prescription glasses
• Thick foam band crosses forehead, assures snug, comfortable fit hour after hour
• Shield can be cold sterilized
Per box of 24 19103M
17.15 23.95
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