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                 Hand Positioning Splints
       1 Finger Contracture Cushion
Separates fingers to help prevent complete closure of the hand and protect palms. Polyester-filled cushion; cotton terry cloth absorbs perspiration. Secures to client’s hand with 6cm wide elastic strap. Washable. Two sizes. Pack of 3.
081005388 Regular 7.6×12.7cm 081005396 Large 10×12.7cm
2 Cone and Finger Separator
Firm cone-shaped anticontracture device conforms to the hand’s natural shape while keeping fingers separated to prevent skin breakdown. Plush cotton terry cover absorbs perspiration. Adjustable strap fits all hand sizes and holds the cone securely. Machine washable. Blue.
3 Rolyan® Palm Protector
Holds fingers out to prevent digging into the palm of the hand. Cuff fabricated from closed-cell foam lined with a pile fabric. Pre-rolled and attached to simplify application.
One size. Hand wash, air dry.
091062033 Left
091062058 Right 091062025 Left - Pack of 3 091062041 Right - Pack of 3
4 Rolyan® Palm Protector with Vinyl Pocket
This palm protector has the quality of the standard palm protector but with an additional feature. A vinyl pocket is situated on the palmar aspect of the splint for the application of an Ezeform thermoplastic insert which enables the splint to be custom moulded for an individual fit. Fingers are kept in place by Softstrap strapping material and secured by hook and loop fastening. Ezeform insert included.
091129766 Left
091129774 Right
5 Rolyan® Palm Protector with Finger Separators
Prevents fingers from digging into palm while abducting fingers to decrease tone. Made from closed-cell foam, lined with pile. Soft finger separator strap weaves between fingers and can be cut to adjust fit. Hand washable. One size fits all.
091062009 Left 091062017 Right
6 Soft Hand-Based Ulnar Deviation Insert
An adjustable insert made from neoprene fabric. Designed to be removable and used under a wrist support for support and alignment of the MCP joints. Hand washable. To determine size, measure palm circumference.
Left Right
091058072 091058080 Small 17.1-21cm 091058098 091058106 Medium 21.1-24.8cm
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