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                 Wrist Supports & Wraps
1 3PPTM Wrist Wrap
The 3PPTM Wrist Wrap provides controlled compression with its non-slip foam lining to support sprained or strained wrists during activity. It can also be used for tendinitis, cumulative trauma injuries, arthritis or Ehler Danlos Syndrome. The low-profile design is unobtrusive and provides infinitely adjustable support. It works by compressing the muscles and tendons to help relieve pain and apply flexible support. Unlike elastic straps, the 3PPTM Wrist Wrap will not roll or bind and stays comfortable all day. Made from a breathable foam-lined material which keeps moisture away and assures that it stays cool even during competitive sports. Ambidextrous design fits either the right or left wrist.
Machine washable. Latex free. For light control.
091515790 Small/Medium 15.9-19cm (61⁄4-71⁄2˝) 091515816 Medium/Large 17.8-21.6cm (7-81⁄2˝)
2 3PPTM Carpal Lift
Comfortable and effective, the 3PPTM Carpal LiftTM reduces wrist pain and the popping sensation caused by TFCC (triangular fibro-cartilage complex) injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain or arthritis. Soft, foam-lined splint lifts and supports the wrist to reduce pain on the ulnar (small finger) side of the wrist caused by weakened or torn TFCC ligaments. A soft foam pad and adjustable straps lift the ulnar carpal (wrist) bones to reduce the popping and pain felt when gripping, rotating the forearm or pushing up from a chair. Easy one-handed application, this splint is soft and breathable for all day comfort. Machine or hand washable. Air dry. Material can be trimmed as long as no seams are cut. Latex-free.
Please note: This splint is NOT for carpal tunnel syndrome. Moderate/Moderate+ Control
Left Right
091322452 091322445 Small / Medium
15.2-18.4cm (6-71⁄4˝) 091322478 091322460 Medium / Large
18.4-22.9cm (71⁄4–9˝)
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