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                 Shoulder Supports
1 Rolyan® Abduction Sling
Rolyan provides shoulder abduction positioning with support. Can be used for separations, dislocations and strains, as well as other shoulder injuries. Pillow portion rests on waist to support weight of arm. Snap-open front panel facilitates putting support on and taking it off. Y-tabs provide easy strap length adjustability. Sling positioning allows air exchange at axilla, and breathable cotton fabric provides a comfortable fit. Fits left and right.
For size, measure the length of the forearm from the elbow
to the knuckles.
081281294 Small 28cm
081281302 Medium 36cm
081281310 Large 43cm
2 Shoulder Immobiliser with Abduction Constructed of soft velour material for maximum comfort.
• Foam pillow provides 35° abduction
• Shoulder and waist straps can be trimmed to desired length
• Quick release buckle on waist strap for ease of application
 and removal
• Exercise ball packed with product
• Fits right and left side 091369131 Small 091369123 Medium 091369115 Large 091369149 X-Large
3 ComforTM Shoulder Abduction Pillow
This comfortable abduction pillow has sculpted foam to fit the contour of the user’s body comfortably. The wrist and humeral cuffs are padded and adjustable for greater comfort.
Provides 45° or 70° of abduction. Fits left or right. Latex free. 091015528
4 Fireactiv® Shoulder Support
Designed with 2 stage deep heat therapy helps provide compression, support and ultra-deep heat relief to the shoulder joint complex without restricting movement. By stabilizing the
joint capsule, the support helps reduce pain from tendon and ligamentous injury of the rotator cuff muscles whilst promoting healing through deep heat therapy. The support helps encourage correct alignment of the shoulder joint following dislocation or subluxation injuries and can prevent further over stretch or over use of muscles during rehabilitation. It is suitable for helping acute and chronic shoulder conditions as well as post-surgery and recovery. • Rotator cuff injuries
• Muscle strains and sprains
• Bursitis
• Tendonitis
• Instability
091542646 Right
091552264 Left
25-28cm 28-30cm 30-33cm 33-36cm
  Sizes (cm)
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