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                 Back Supports
1 Ventilated Elastic Double Pull Lumbar Brace
Made of high quality vented elastic strapping material with vented tension side-pulls for superior support. The brace provides intra-abdominal pressure against spinal instability, whilst the Rhomboid tension side-pulls flatten the lordosis and the plastic splints provide extra support. Indications: Lumbago, Spondylosis, Facet joint dysfunction, Mild spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, Inter-vertebral disc herniation (HIVD), After lumbar laminectomy or discectomy, Postural hypotension due to cervical spinal cord injury, Ligamentous disorders or back muscle strain. For size measure the waist circumference.
091383561 Small 091383579 Medium 091383587 Large 091383595 X-Large
57-70cm 72-86cm 89-102cm 104-118cm
 2 Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Brace
Supports the lower back and provides warmth and total flexibility through a neoprene panel. For size measure the waist circumference. Contains latex. Contains natural rubber.
091383603 Small 091383611 Medium 091383629 Large 091383637 X-Large
57-70cm 72-86cm 89-102cm 104-118cm
 3 Support Lumbosacral Orthosis
Tapered elastic binder supports back and abdomen. Elastic encircling strap holds thermoplastic insert securely against the back. Insert in warm water or hot-air oven to mould for desired support. Latex free. For size measure the waist circumference.
  081281435 Small 081281427 Medium 081281419 Large 081281443 X-Large
76-86cm 86-97cm 97-107cm 107-117cm
 4 Push Med Back Brace
Improves the position of the lumbar vertebral column and reduces pain. The tightening of elastic bands creates pressure, increasing the support of the metal reinforcement materials applied. The pressure is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences. Each individual reinforcing element can be adjusted. The shape and material make the brace comfortable to wear.
The anatomical fit makes it suitable for both men and women and guarantees good position retention.
091183730 75-85cm
091183748 85-97cm
091183755 97-110cm 091183763 110-125cm
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