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                 Maternity Supports
1 Serola Belt
The Serola SI belt forms part of the rehabilitation process by helping to correct joint biomechanics, encourage ligamentous remodelling and aids myofascial rehabilitation. Effective and comfortable support for hypermobility and instability. Prevents acute lower back and sacroiliac pain from becoming chronic. Preventative for those in high risk occupations. Provides hip joint support for sufferers.
091236199 Small 091236181 Medium 091236173 Large 091236207 X-Large
up to 86cm 86-102cm 102-117cm 117-132cm
 2 Neo-G Sacroiliac Belt
The belt effectively relieves upper and lower back pain as well as pain in the buttocks, leg and ankle/foot areas, which in many instances can be all connected to the pressure put on the pelvic and the sacroiliac joint area. To size, measure around the hips.
091184712 Small 091184720 Medium 091184738 Large 091184704 X-Large
3 Hip Brace
This hip support belt gives compression to the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (or SI Joints). Useful for hip pain and instability, it also functions to reduce post-operative swelling following abdominoplasty, tummy tuck or Pfannenstiel incision.
Has been used to reduce pain and swelling during recovery after hysterectomy.
091371939 Small
091371921 Medium
091371913 Large
4 Saunders Sacroiliac Belt & Stabilization Pad
Non-slip belt stays put below the ASIS – even with activity. Stabilization pad fits between sacral sulci and provides firm, comfortable support and proprioceptive input to the sacral area.
86cm 86-105cm 105-119cm 119-132cm
 81-102cm 102-122cm 122-142cm
 091385566 Small 091385558 Medium 091385541 Large 091385582 Stabilization Pad
66-81cm 81-107cm 107-114cm
  5 V2 Supporter
During pregnancy, vulvar varicosities can occur for many reasons. Wearing the V2 supporter before rising in the morning helps prevent excessive swelling of the vulvar veins and is recommended for:
• Vulvar varicosities (also used post sclerotherapy)
• Lympedema
• Perinealedema
• Incontinence
• External prolapsed bladder or uterus
091377530 X-Small 091377548 Small 091377522 Medium 091377514 Large
Hip Circumference
Under 71cm 71-89cm 91-112cm 114-137cm
Please state required size when ordering.
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