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                 Knee Straps
1 Vulkan® AirXtend Patella Strap
Made with AirpreneTM perforated neoprene and Coolmax® fabric, which moves moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable. The lightweight strap provides support and compression to the tendon area. Ideal for strain injuries such as Runners Knee or Jumpers Knee.
091557453 One size fits most
2 Vulkan® Patella Knee Strap
This lightweight strap provides effective compression and support to the tendon region. Suitable for the relief of patella tendonitis and adolescent growing pains.
081572593 One size fits most
3 Push Med Patella Brace
The Push Med Patella Brace applies local pressure to the patella tendon and supports the patella. This relieves the insertion of
the knee tendon and reduces the tractive force of the lower
leg. The pad consists of a skin compatible and viscoelastic polymer. The semi rigid cap inserted in the front part ensures even distribution of pressure. A proper anatomical fit and the pad materials helps the brace remain in place when walking. 091238088 One size fits most
4 Professional Patella Gel Brace with Targeted Compression
• The ideal therapeutic support
• Conforming/targeted compression without restricting circulation • Gel insert for focused compression
• Inferior or superior applications
091375583 One size fits most. Fits Left and Right
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