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                 Ankle Supports
    1 AIRCAST AirLiftTM PTTD Brace
• Phase 1 and initial phase 11 of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction • First symptoms of flat foot
Feature & Benefits
• Adjustable arch Aircell for individual support and comfort
• Anatomically designed shells for secure ankle stability
• Step-in design and simple two strap application promote ease
of use and compliance
Left Right
091378090 091378108
091378074 091378082
091378058 091378066
Small Medium Large
Shoe Size
<6 6-8 >8
 2 Mueller ONE Ankle Brace
A neoprene and latex free brace, which has been designed to
be extremely lightweight and low-profile enabling you to wear
in your shoes. Offers all the traditional benefits of taping, but
with all the adjustable flexibility of a soft strap brace, it protects against inversion and eversion ankle sprains. Fits left or right foot. Available in black only.
Features & Benefits
• Adjustable straps simulate ‘figure 8’ taping structure.
• Anti-slip Criss-Crossing Side Straps help protect against
inversion and eversion ankle sprains.
• Adjust straps at any time to help prevent brace slippage,
ensuring a tight, comfortable fit.
• Top elastic finishing straps lock down all of the straps and
provide a clean finish.
• Side-pulling stirrup straps imitate the effects of taping. 091323096 X-Small
091323104 Small
091323112 Medium
091323120 Large
091323138 X-Large
3 Mueller Adjustable Ankle Stabiliser
Mueller® Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer offers helpful support of weak ankles, sprained ankles and/or arthritic ankles. The bottom arch panel is made of HydraMesh® for improved breathable. Soft neoprene blend retains body heat for soothing warmth. Fits left or right foot. Available in black only.
Features & Benefits
• Criss-cross straps simulate taping and provide adjustable
tension & support
• Top & bottom sectional design minimizes slippage and
• Side stays and extended height help provide firm lateral support 091323070 Universal
 UK Medical Customers Tel: 03448 730 035 UK Trade Customers Tel: 03444 124 330 International Customers Tel: +44 1623 448 706

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