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                 Night Splints
 1 Rolyan® Foot Drop Splint
Plastic base helps prevent foot drop. The foam insert has a section cut out to suspend heel. Triangular support adjusts for rotation. Washable, replacement foam inserts available. For size, measure circumference of widest part of calf.
Complete Splint - Standard Insert Accommodates calf sizes up to 36.8cm. Complete splint - X-Wide Insert Accommodates calf sizes 36.9cm and up. Replacement Foam Insert & Straps Standard Replacement Foam Insert & Straps X-Wide
2 Rolyan® Progressive Stretch Foot Splint
Helps correct plantar flexion contractures of the ankle following tendon shortening or hypertonicity. Adjusts easily from full plantar flexion to the desired amount of dorsiflexion. Padded ankle support stabilises the heel in the splint whilst minimising pressure over the dorsal aspect of the foot. Made from high temperature plastic. Splint is fully padded with closed-cell foam. Not for ambulation. Cotton/polyester ankle support can be removed from splint for washing. Hand wash and air dry. Shoe size determines splint size.
UK Mens
081285618 Medium 71/2-91/2 081285634 Large 10-12
UK Ladies
61/2-81/2 9-11
 3 Rolyan® ProgressiveTM Ankle/Foot Splint
Appropriate for a flaccid ankle as well as mild to moderate tone. Gently assists the ankle toward neutral dorsiflexion to progress contractures quickly and effectively. Can be modified to fit various angles of plantar flexion. Constructed using a soft foam splint base to increase wearing compliance with unsurpassed comfort. Gel pad under heel resists bottoming out and helps prevent pressure sores. Completely soft splint relieves pressure on the heel and lateral and medial ankle bony prominences. Ezeform stay, which must be custom moulded, can be modified to adjust the position of the ankle. Additional dorsiflexion assist strap helps maintain desired position. Appropriate in supine position as well as sidelying. Splint can be trimmed for a custom fit. Single patient use only.
081293125 Medium Fits Small Women & Small Men 081293133 Large Fits Most Men
4 Rolyan® Foam Foot Support
Open-cell foam foot support positions the foot for a more comfortable sleeping or sitting position.
Individuals who have mild to moderate tone, foot drop, pressure sensitivity in the bony prominence of the foot and heel, or a flaccid lower extremity can use this cushion to support the
foot and ankle in a controlled position. The open-cell foam is breathable and long enough to cover the lower leg, from the foot to about mid-calf.
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