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                 Paediatric Supports
      1 Rolyan® Lower Extremity TAP 1 1 (Tone and Positioning) Splint
Provides functional positioning and soft support of foot and ankle. LE TAP Splint assists with normalising gait patterns by providing a slow stretch from ankle to hip. It is most appropriate for people with hypertonicity or mild to moderate hypertonicity. Splints that are used for foot inversion will also provide hip external rotation, and when they are used for eversion, internal hip rotation will occur. For use following cerebrovascular accident or head injury. Also ideal for people who have cerebral palsy, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis or lower extremity paralysis or weakness. Circumferential straps support ankle and arch and provide ease of application and removal as well as flexibility to fit larger or smaller extremities. Neoprene strap and elastic ankle wrap hand washable - air dry. Adult size fits most adolescents and adults.
Child from 3 years (5.1cm wide) Will invert right foot or evert left foot Child from 3 years (5.1cm wide) Will invert left foot or evert right foot Adult (7.6cm wide)
Will invert right foot or evert left foot Adult (7.6cm wide)
Will invert left foot or evert right foot
 2 Push Ortho Ankle Brace Aequi Junior
Strikes a good balance between effective mechanical support and good wearer comfort for cases of (sub-)acute or chronic ankle injury. The brace was designed for children of 6 to 12 years of age (with shoe sizes of approximately 30-36 (EUR)). The Aequi Junior stabilises the ankle joint during inversion as well as eversion and in both neutral and flexed positions. The freedom of dorsal and plantar flexion is sufficiently maintained to allow normal walking. Optimal functioning of the brace is achieved when it is worn in a sturdy (lace-up) shoe. The shell, which forms the basis of the brace, provides optimal support for the ankle
in a simple and comfortable manner. Diagonal straps, made of non-elastic material, ensure adequate mechanical support, while elastic straps provide the correct compression.
3 Pucci® SnowTiger Paediatric Range
To optimise the function on children we have specially designed new smaller bladders that fit children. After a long evaluation
work we concluded that the ideal size of the paediatric bladder would be about 65% of the size of the adult bladder. This means that the bladder works for most children that are in need of a tonus reduction in combination with wrist extension. To further improve design we have consulted Pucci® The Snowtiger! The new cover is made in a Snowtiger pattern with a denser fibre structure and better pressure absorption and ventilation. The straps have been improved with a softer inside but also larger hook and loop surfaces which provide a better attachment. Two additional hook surfaces have been applied onto the platform to serve as attachment points for the straps which provides a better support and stability. The Pucci® model 405 has an anatomical shape of the bladder with a special shape for the thumb. The Pucci® 413 model has a circular bladder that has the same circumference on the ulnar as the radial side. The platform can be adjusted gradually to follow the progress of the patient. All these improvements have created the world first specially designed paediatric tonus reduction orthoses.
SnowTiger Air T (405)
Left 091557073 Right 091557081
4 ComfyTM Paediatric Deviation Hand Orthosis
With all of the features of the standard ComfyTM Hand Orthosis (H-101), the ComfyTM Deviation Hand Orthosis has a unique, below the wrist, swivel that allows for lateral and medial positions to accommodate for ulnar and radial deviation. The wrist, hand and fingers are adjustable without the use of tools.
091326792 Paediatric Small Purple 091326800 Paediatric Medium Turquoise 091326818 Paediatric Large Green
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