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                 Oedema & Pressure Supports
1 Rolyan® Vinyl-Coated Arm Support
Easily cleaned with soap and water or a surface disinfectant; ideal for multiple patient use. Also beneficial when providing treatment for patients with excessive wound drainage or who require application of medication. Can be used with terry cloth cover (see below) to maximise patient comfort. 47×14×14cm. 081263037
2 Rolyan® Contoured Arm Support
Designed for use in reducing upper extremity oedema.
Fits on hemi-lapboard, table or bed without slipping. Arm can be placed in supination, and support can be used as an exercise block. Terry cloth cover (sold below) can be used over arm support for additional comfort. 47×14×14cm.
3 Rolyan® Functional Foam Arm Elevator
Combines a splint and an elevating support into one positioner. Anatomically correct foam positioning splint helps reduce oedema. Positions the hand in a resting position, with the wrist in 30° of extension, the MCPs in 60° of flexion, and the IPs slightly flexed. For use in bed or on a half or full lap tray or arm trough. Open cell foam support can be modified with an electric knife
for a custom fit. 081263052 A Left 081263060 A Right
4 Rolyan® Post-Surgical Arm Support
The support eliminates the need to suspend the arm from an IV pole or to continually reposition the arm on pillows. The support has open areas on the sides to allow observation of the extremity for correct arm position, vascular changes or drainage. 38×23×23cm.
5 Rolyan® Leg Elevator
Foam elevator for reducing lower extremity oedema.
Gradual incline and tapering allows knee flexion. Larger height used whilst supine and for oedema control treatment.
20cm elevator.
6 Rolyan® Abduction Pillow
Soft foam pillow designed for individual use to provide hip abduction. Complete with foam straps. (Recommended for single patient use only). Depth of both pillows is 15.5cm. 081279421Small 34.5×34.5×15cm
081279439Large 41×43×20.5cm
7 Rolyan® Re-usable Abduction Pillow
Seamless, vinyl coated wedges are ideal for single patient use, and those requiring infection control precautions and medication application. Velfoam no.2 straps. Flame retardant coating wipes clean with non-abrasive soap or disinfectant. Gas autoclavable. 081169002Small 33×36×16.5cm
081169010Large 41×46×20.5cm 8 Rolyan® Knee Separators
Available with a polyester cover or an easy to clean vinyl coating. Comfortably holds hips in abduction while distributing pressure over the thighs. Strap is 117cm long. Positions thighs 10cm apart. 081279447 A With Polyester Cover
081279454 B With Vinyl Coating
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