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                  TheraBandTM Resistance Exercise Band
               ELEVATE PERFORMANCE. ACCELERATE RECOVERY. Feel Confident in the Leading Line
Pioneered more than 30 years ago, TheraBandTM Professional Resistance Bands are the original products in the industry and the original system of progressive resistance. Today, including CLX, tubing, band loops, latex-
free options and other configurations, they comprise the leading line of progressive elastic resistance products. They have also been joined by exercise balls, stability trainers, FlexBars, range of motion products, self- massage products, hand therapy products and a host of other solutions that round out the System of Progressive Exercise. The entire portfolio of products carries the same commitment to professional quality, effectiveness and durability.
Driven by Research, Preferred by Clinicians
Exercise bands and tubing are effective and simple. You appreciate having
a single solution that’s portable, versatile, easy to store and low-cost – a straightforward way to help patients increase flexibility and range of motion; gain better functional movement; improve balance and strengthen muscles; minimise pressure on joints; and decrease the possibility of incurring injuries. Bands and tubing are small enough to pack into a briefcase or suitcase, yet durable enough to support complete fitness programmes.
But not all elastic resistance products are equal – and TheraBandTM is the clear market leader. Practitioners have awarded TheraBandTM that position because of a renowned, time-tested history of success and advocacy.
If it doesn’t say “TheraBandTM” on the band or tube, it’s an imitation.
As each level in a rehabilitation or strengthening programme is mastered, patients can increase resistance and the degree of challenge accordingly. They simply follow the recognised TheraBandTM colour sequence, which offers up to eight levels of challenge – from least challenging to most difficult: Tan, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold.
             TheraBandTM Band/Tubing Colour
TheraBandTM Tan TheraBandTM Yellow TheraBandTM Red TheraBandTM Green TheraBandTM Blue TheraBandTM Black TheraBandTM Silver TheraBandTM Gold
200% Elongation
  Increase from Preceding Colour at 100% Elongation
 100% Elongation
 200% Elongation
 100% Elongation
      Represents typical values. All products not available in all colours.
    160 for Prices & Full Range of Products
Exercise Therapy

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