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                 RockTape® Rock Blades
                1 Massager RockTape® RockBlades
A complete IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) system.
RockBlades are comprised of two precision-engineered and manufactured soft-tissue instruments: a Mallet (metal) and a Mullet (plastic), RockRub emollient, sanitising wipes and a quick-start guide to form a complete IASTM system. Components:
• The Mallet - Your in-clinic powerhouse
• The Mullet - Perfect for out on the road
• Rub & Wipes - Naturally slick, exceptionally clean
   The Mallet
A surgical-grade IASTM all-star.
Just one of the stunning tools included in RockBlades. Crafted from polished, surgical- grade stainless steel, it’s your all-in-one ISTM treatment powerhouse.
The Mallet is your ultimate in-clinic tool. Hand polished treatment surfaces, combined with a perfectly balanced and weighted core make it
a joy to use day in and day out.
Matte-finished dimples, four on each side, combined with our brass-knuckle style handle enable you to hold the tool 6 different ways. Each side is unique both in shape and edge radius. The Mallets non-treatment faces are laser- engraved with RockTapes manifesto pattern. Technical Specifications:
• Material: Surgical Stainless Steel • Weight: 450g / 1lb
• Dimensions: 7.2×4.5×0.3˝
• Treatment Surfaces: 4
• Grips: 6
The Mullet
Powerful IASTM treatments to-go.
This lightweight tool is designed to be portable, allowing you to deliver superior soft-tissue manipulation wherever the job takes you.
The Mullet is made from an incredibly durable thermo-plastic polyamide, the same material used in high-performance automotive and aerospace applications.
Four distinct tissue-manipulation zones provide comprehensive treatment capabilities. Each edge, angle and shape was carefully honed over two years to deliver superior results.
The Mullets non-treatment faces are chemically- etched with RockTapes manifesto pattern. Technical Specifications:
• Material: Thermo-plastic Polyamide
• Weight: 187g / 0.4lb
• Dimensions: 5.9×4.4×0.34˝ • Treatment Surfaces: 4
Rub & Wipes
Start treatment right out of the box.
RockTape could have stopped at two incredible tools, but they didn’t. In addition to their Mallet and Mullet, every set of RockBlades includes
a newly reformulated RockRub emollient and a pack of sanitising wipes.
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