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                  Hand Exercisers
1 TheraBandTM Massage Balls
The massage balls are used for reflex zone massage, improves circulation and relaxation. The balls are delivered with needle valve for individual pressure setting. Available in a choice of five colours.
Sizes Colour
7500080 6cm   Orange 7500077 8cm   Green 7500079 8cm   Yellow 7500078 9cm   Red 7500081 10cm   Blue
2 Rolyan® Hand Bar Exerciser
A bar style device used for hand, wrist and shoulder exercises. Available in four resistances in four different colours. 30cm length. Diameter varies by resistance. Latex DNR and avoid
direct sunlight.
091564103 30cm 091564111 30cm 091564129 30cm 091564137 30cm
Colour Resistance
Yellow 2.5kg Red 4.5kg Green 7.0kg Blue 11.0kg
     3 Rolyan® Hand Web Exerciser
A web style device used for hand exercises. Resistance can
be adjusted by changing hand position. Available in four colours indicating increases in resistance levels. Latex DNR and avoid direct sunlight.
091564194 35.5cm 091564202 35.5cm 091564210 35.5cm 091564228 35.5cm
Colour Resistance
Yellow Extra Soft Red Soft Green Medium Blue Firm
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Exercise Therapy

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