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                 Hand Exercisers
1 HandmasterTM Plus
Provides complete reciprocal muscle group exercise for the hand through full, natural planes of motion. It is recommended for improving strength, balance, coordination, speed, and general blood flow, stimulates all peripheral nerves to the hand and allows for unattended therapy. Designed for daily outpatient use to complement the treatment of hand, wrist, and forearm conditions. The Handmaster Plus is great for stroke rehabilitation, as well
as the treatment and prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and RSI. Each package contains one resistant ball, two flexible cords (for varying hand sizes) and complete set of instructions.
Colour Resistance
091041136 Purple for Early Rehabilitation Soft 091041144 Red for Late Rehabilitation Medium 091041151 Orange for Strength Training Firm
2 NSD Power® Ball Classic
This superlative gyro offers high speed performance. Ensures
a thorough workout on your arms and wrists and at a very affordable price.
All 250Hz ClassicTM models are individually hand-assembled from high-quality components and are balanced and tested – certified to spin at speeds in excess of 15,000rpm... for the speed demon in you!
• Perfect for sports (golfers, squash, tennis, fencing, basketball, badminton, archery, cricket etc) fitness, rehabilitation (Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Arthritis etc), musicians of all disciplines, and are great fun too!
• 250hzTM Powerball® models are individually hand-assembled and are the still the fastest models in the range
• Recommended for 14 years and over Weight: 235g
Rotor Colour: White
Grip-band: Black
Dimensions: 70mm (diameter) x 57mm (height) Shell Colour: Translucent Blue
Classic: Loaded with a high performance 250hz rotor. 091189406
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Exercise Therapy

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