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   1 Dynair® Ball Cushion
 Physiotherapy for back muscle training, pelvis training, and as a balance device. For relaxing and dynamic sitting: the vibrations produced naturally by the body (through breathing etc.) are not suddenly halted, but can continue according to their own rhythm. The erect posture is optimised and the muscles stabilising the spine are trained.
 Dynair® Ball Cushion
091339050 091339068 091339076 091339126 091339134 091339142 Dynair® Senso Ball 091338540 091338557 091338565 091338482 091338490 091338508
Diameter Colour
36cm Blue 36cm Green 36cm Red 33cm Blue 33cm Green 33cm Red Diameter Colour 36cm   Green 36cm   Blue 36cm   Red 33cm   Green 33cm   Blue 33cm   Red
  Maximum user weight
200 311/2 kg st
   2 Dynair® Premium - Wedge Cushion
• Supports upright posture
• Strengthens back muscles
• Can relieve back pain
• Can be used on both sides, soft knobbly side also for foot and back massage
• Inside pressure individually regulated. Includes pump, full instructions and seating exercise chart
Maximum user weight
Diameter Colour
40cm Blue 40cm Red
200 311/2 kg st
      3 Dynair® Extreme
Sit on it and feel good. Brings you automatically in an upright and healthy position.
The Dynair Extreme is the largest member coming from the Dynair family. With a diameter of 80cm and a height of 18cm it is perfectly suited as a meditation pillow and seat cushion. Smooth vibrations are being absorbed immediately by the cushion and emitted to the spine. In order to keep up a calm seating position small adjusting moves have to be made all the time, thus becoming a challenge for the spinal muscles and trunk muscles. Furthermore spinal training and exercises for improving trunk stability can be carried out perfectly in a dorsal or ventral position. The Dynair Extreme functions extremely well as a therapy cushion for certain disease patterns such as paresis, sensoric and motoric deficits or neurological and muscle dysfunctions.
Diameter Colour
091423037 80cm Lilac
       Maximum 200 311/2
 user weight
kg st
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