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     1 TheraBandTM Stability Trainers
Stability Trainers are oval-shaped, colour-coded foam pads, supplied in two densities to provide a progressive system of balance training for rehab, post-rehab conditioning, and fitness applications. Each pad is moulded in closed-cell foam with a ridged surface.
091040328 Soft 091040344 Firm
Blue Green
   2 Togu® Balance Hedgehogs
Possible applications: To promote physical co-ordination
(e.g. circuit training for balance), for various exercises for building strength, to promote mobility, for relaxation, for foot massages and to promote somaesthesia, for various games.
Material: High-quality RUTON®
Design: Cast in one piece. Short knobs which are pleasant to the touch. With needle valve for the regulation of pressure to meet individual needs. Supplied as a pair. 16cm diameter.
Available in 2 colours (not relating to resistance)
091340918 Purple 091340884 Blue
3 GymnicTM Movin’ Step
The Movin Step is a unique product that can be used in workouts, therapy and rehabilitation. It combines two exercises tools.
A dynamic base for exercises that challenge and improve balance co-ordination and an air step for cardio-vascular and strength endurance exercise. The valve allows easy switching from one to the other. Valve closed (vertical position) gives two independent aircushions or valve open (horizontal position) allows airflow between chambers. The valve can be set in any intermediate position for finer adjustment. Remove plug to inflate. Includes a 12 page exercise brochure.
Height Length Width Weight
091144187 7cm 35cm 35cm 1.5kg 4 Rolyan® BEEPTM (Balance Enhancement
Exercise Program) Board
Ideal for establishing a simple, low cost programme to help people who have balance problems reduce the potential of falling. The side to side rocking motion promotes weight shifting and lateral balance reactions to help reduce the fear of falling and increase self-confidence. The board emits a beep that provides
a goal: with each successful weight shift, the beep sounds, reinforcing a job well done. Provides appropriate reinforcement for people with visual impairments.
The Balance Enhancement Exercise Program can be used as part of an individual treatment programme or as a group activity, where using the BEEP Board becomes a social event and its use is enhanced by mutual support and group interaction. Using music helps make the exercise more lively. Lightweight uniaxial plastic board 6.4cm high for patient safety. Features a slip-resistant surface and foam to cushion the impact of weight shifts.
081296623 Board measures 41×64cm (16×25˝)
   Maximum 136 211/4
user weight
kg st
5 STEP IT Lower Extremity Exerciser
Clinically proven to increase blood circulation, STEPIT, simulates the movements of walking. A foldaway pedal that is easy to carry around. Designed for use anywhere and suitable in clinic, club or the home environment. Colour may vary.
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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