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                 Exercise Mats
1 Head Pads
Excellent for under hands and knees when kneeling. Insert under lower back to help release hip flexors and maintain neutral alignment. Manufactured in a soft Supasoft Foam.
Flame Retardant. Washable Cover available. Made in England. 2 sizes available.
091537331 A Small head pad without cover
L 305mm × W 203mm × D 25mm (12˝×8˝×1˝) 091537349 B Large head pad without cover
L 305mm × W 203mm × D 75mm (12˝×8˝×3˝)
2 Pilates Head Pad Covers
Tailor-made to fit Head Pads - Manufactured from 100% Cotton - new pillow case design - Washable.
Available in 2 colours for small and large head pads. 091537448 A Small Blue Cover
To fit Head 1˝ Pad (Small) 091537471 B Large Blue Cover
To fit Head 3˝ Pad (Large)
3 Mat Trolley
An easily manoeuvrable mat trolley for non-rigid mats. Designed for lightweight mats and can support a maximum weight of
25 kilos. Mat rail height 142cm. Length 130cm. Width 73cm. Total height 164cm.
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Exercise Therapy

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