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                 Weights & Resistance
   1 Low Cost Dumbbell Set
A set of plastic coated dumbbells, complete with stand. Dumbbell set pairs 1.5kg, 3.0kg, 5.0kg.
091337419 Low Cost Dumbbell Set and Stand
2 Kettle Weights
Working with kettle bells increases strength, endurance,
agility and balance, challenging both muscular and cardio systems with dynamic, total-body movements. Whether you
want to burn fat or develop your cardio fitness or increase your strength, it can all be done with a kettle bell. They feature an oversize powder coated handle that provides excellent grip whilst allowing for full and fluid motion. The base of each kettle bell is colour coded and covered with a heavy duty vinyl skin which helps to protect the floor.
If you are not sure which weight you need, here is a rough guide:
• Women new to strength training should start with 4kg
• Fit Women (excl. athletes) from 8 to 12kg
• Men new to strength training should start with 8 to 12kg • Fit Males used to Strength Training 12 to 16kg
• Athletes & Weight Trainers 20 to 24kg
091204049 4kg
091204056 8kg
091204064 12kg
091204072 16kg
091204080 20kg
091204098 24kg
3 Medicine Ball Display Stand
The medicine ball display stand is ideal for smaller clinics or display areas. Holds up to five medicine balls (balls not included). Assembly Required.
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Exercise Therapy

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