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                 Upper Extremity Exercise
1 Grahamizer I Multi-Use Exerciser
Ideal for post-mastectomy, clinic and home exercise programmes. Exerciser combines many standard rehabilitation exercises into one portable device. Features an over-the-door wedge hanger that attaches to 3cm thick doors. Has a 20 step fluted finger ladder. Includes two 15cm dowels, nylon rope with 73cm travel on a swivel pulley, 9cm hand grips spaced 25cm
out from base and a peg for storing rope up and out of the way. Also includes a “wind-up” shoulder wheel with a 91cm nylon rope that features 6.5cm of vertical height adjustment to increase ROM, reach, etc. Height easily adjusts with one revolution of
the adjustment knob. Rubber ball at the end of the rope for squeezing, grasping and preventing slippage. Length 1.07m. Width 29cm. Depth 35cm. Weight 8.5kg. Latex free.
2 SaeboglideTM
The SaeboglideTM is a new product specifically designed to exercise the affected arm following stroke or head injury. It is able to challenge the person at all stages of recovery and allows an independent home programme to be established.
The SaeboglideTM offers a way to exercise the affected arm by using the gliding sleeve. Following placement of the hand onto the gliding sleeve, the distal support allows the client to perform various controlled arm exercises at his or her appropriate
strength level.
The SaeboglideTM Plus comes with a hand strap that stabilises the hand to the gliding sleeve while exercising. It is most appropriate for individuals that have decreased hand strength/unable to grip through full shoulder and elbow range of movement.
• Exercise your affected arm in all planes of movement
• For use in lying, sitting, and standing
• Comes with an extensive instruction manual with over
40 pictures, demonstrating start and end positions for the exercise regime. It also contains a stretching and a two handed exercise programme
• The manual has a schedule page to photocopy to allow documentation of an exercise programme
081236710 SaeboglideTM 081236728 SaeboglideTM Plus
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