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                 Upper Extremity Exercise
              1 Rolyan® Forearm-Based Skateboard
Features a stable base of support to eliminate tipping.
The repositionable hand piece features a neutral position hand design to comfortably support the right or left hand. The straps maintain secure hand and forearm position.
2 Rolyan® Ball Hand Piece Accessory
Abducts the fingers and thumb and maintains the palmar arch in a reflex-inhibiting position. Can be used with the Rolyan® Forearm Skateboard (081274190).
081274216 Left
081274208 Right
3 Rolyan® Rehability Slide Board
The Rehability Slide Board is used as an exercise aid for
upper and lower limb rehabilitation. Simple to use for patient compliance. Brightly coloured for easy visibility and light weight with a carrying handle for easy transportation. With anti-slip strips on the underside. Designed and manufactured to physiotherapists specifications. For use in hospitals and the community. Made from polypropylene. Measures 39×71×0.5cm.
4 Rolyan® Textured Stacking Cones
Plastic cones provide a non-slip grip and tactile stimulation. Great for hand/eye co-ordination and depth perception. Washable. Set of 30 cones includes six colours.
Cones are 18cm tall. Latex free.
081031061 Small Cones
(9.5cm top, 15cm base circumference)
081031079 Large Cones
(14cm top, 20cm base circumference)
5 Rolyan® Stacking Cones
Colourful, washable, non-toxic acrylic cones. 30 translucent cones 11cm high with a circumference of 20cm at the base - five each of blue, green, red, amber, smoke and clear with a moulded base of white ABS plastic. Ideal for UE activities, hand/eye co-ordination, grasp/release, colour identification and sequencing. Latex free.
6 Rolyan® Stacking Cone Pattern Board
Features 54 screw inserts that accommodate stacking cone bases. Bases screw into a 61×91cm durable plastic board. Includes 42 decals in 7 colours for creating a variety of stacking patterns. Ideal for upper extremity range-of-motion exercises, working in PNF patterns or compensating for unilateral neglect or hemianopia. The versatility of this stacking cone pattern board allows incorporating sequencing tasks or following simple directions in stacking activities. The stacking cone bases are designed to accommodate the Rolyan® Stacking Cones (081276658). Includes six stacking cone bases. Latex Free. 081276682
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