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                 Bio Orthotics
Bio-Fashion is a superior EVA insole designed to fit into low bulk heeled footwear. Through the incorporation of an inner medial rearfoot post and a contoured arch support the device offers moderate levels of biomechanical control. The sulcus extension integrates a low density soft spot and metatarsal dome to reduce forefoot pressures.
Intended for: Ladies fashion and high heeled footwear. Bio-Fashion is often prescribed in conjunction with another device for everyday occasions
1 Bio-Fashion Low Density
7500194 X-Small
7500195 Small
7500196 Medium
7500197 Large
Velcro dot Lower heel cup
2 Bio-Fashion Medium Density
7500198 X-Small 7500199 Small 7500200 Medium 7500201 Large
Intended for: Clinicians requiring a budget orthotic which can be easily modified at chairside. Modification examples include:
• Grinding
• Heat moulding
              Bio-Raw is a budget medium density EVA insole finished without a top cover for quick and easy chairside modification. The device integrates a contoured arch profile and intrinsic 4˝ rearfoot post for additional foot control.
  • Top covers
• Bio components
Trim line
 Heat mouldable EVA
    3 Bio-Raw 3⁄4 Length
7500247 X-Small
7500248 Small
7500249 Medium
7500250 Large
7500251 X-Large
4 Bio-Raw Full Length
7500242 X-Small
7500243 Small
7500244 Medium
7500245 Large
7500246 X-Large
Metatarsal support
Disperses pressure from the ball of the foot
 1st Metatarsal plug
Can be removed to increase plantarflexion at the 1st MTPJ
Heat mouldable
Contours for an exact fit
 Contoured arch support
Controls excessive pronation
 Intrinsic rearfoot support
Equivalent to 2° Posting
  Metatarsal support Disperses pressure from the ball of
the foot
 Contoured arch support
Maps the geometry of your foot, helping to reduce and control excessive pronation
 Calcaneal EVA plug
Can be removed to offload pressure
4° intrinsic rearfoot support Normalises heel strike and reduces over pronation
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