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                 Trio Orthotics
  Antibacterial top-cover
 Transverse forefoot contouring
     Recessed forefoot Poron® cushion
 1 Trio Slim Fit
Mild biomechanical control for fashionable shoes
Many foot problems start while wearing closer fitting or fashionable shoes. This is often caused by a lack of support to the foot and higher pressures on the ball of the foot resulting from a higher heel. TRIO Slimfit is designed to reduce the forces that can lead to foot pain. An inner medial heel post reduces pronation forces that stress the arch of the foot and a gentle metatarsal dome stabilises the toe joints. Extra cushioning under the forefoot increases comfort and all these features combine to provide symptom relief and comfort from a low profile design. 091344928 Size 3-41⁄2
091344910 Size 5-61⁄2
091344902 Size 7-81⁄2
091344894 Size 9-101⁄2
2 Trio Additions
Further customisation of a Trio orthotic can be made by using the Trio Additions range. This includes metatarsal domes to normalise forefoot pressures and heel elevators (4mm, 6mm and 8mm) to use in cases of ankle joint restriction or limb length differences. Sold in packs of 10.
 Recessed medial post
   Heel Elevators
Small Medium Large
Met Domes
Small Medium Large
6mm 8mm
091349158 091349182 091349141 091349174 091349133 091349166
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