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                   General Overview of Rolyan® Product Features
  Moderate Resistance To Stretch Controlled stretch, shapes easily
 Rolyan® Polyflex IITM
• Optimum combination between resistance to stretch and good conformability and drape
• Shapes easily for a well-contoured splint
• Material has flexibility when set, enabling ease of application and removal and accommodates tonal fluctuations and changes in oedema
• Good self finishing edges
• Coated, allowing temporary bonds
Tip: Self finishing edges: Cut material when warm to create smoother, clean edges for comfort and fit.
  1.6 mm Coated 2.4 mm 3.2 mm
White Beige Blue
Polyflex IITM
Solid 1% Perf
       Rolyan® TailorSplintTM
• Perfect balance between moderate resistance to stretch, moderate drape and good conformability
• Versatile material suitable for most clinical applications - fewer materials and storage space required
• Handles well, suitable for the novice and experienced splinter
• Powdered smooth finish - increased patient comfort and compliance
• Good self finishing edges
• Coated, allowing temporary bonds
  1.6mm Coated 2.4mm 3.2mm
Solid 1% Perf 19% Optiperf
Autumn Leaves
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