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                 GelSmart Appliances
     Offering new Smart Gel formulas and products in five different formulations, Gel Smart are consistently ahead of the competition. Made from medical grade visco-elastic compounds and are non-allergenic and dermatologist tested. All products are washable for reuse on a single user and can be trimmed to size.
1 S-Gel Bunion Relief Sleeve W/Gel Met Pad Protects bunion joint and cushions metatarsal head. Reversible.
091536556 Small 091536564 Medium
2 S-Gel Thin Forefoot Cushion
Reduces pressure, friction associated with metatarsaglia and neuroma. Two toe loops to prevent sliding.
091536598 Small/Medium
091536606 Large/Extra Large
3 M-Gel Achilles Heel Protection Sleeve
Relieves, soothes and moisturises sore fatigued or injured achilles tendon.
091514165 Small/Medium
091514173 Large/Extra Large
4 M-Gel Ankle Protection Sleeve Protects ankle bones.
091514181 One size
5 M-Gel Dorsum Protection Sleeve
Protects top of foot and achilles tendon by reducing pressure, shear forces and friction from footwear.
091536655 Small
091536663 Large
6 M2-Gel Toe Bunion Guard
Ideal for protection of the hallux bunion from friction and pressure. 091345800 One size Each
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