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                 Silipos Appliances
  1 Silipos Ball of Foot Gel Cushion
Thin fabric-covered gel pad (2mm) to protect against abrasion, friction, and pressure under the metatarsal heads.
091261163 One Size Pair
2 Silipos Gel Metatarsal Pad
Absorbs shock, impact and provides even distribution of pressure on the metatarsal heads.
091261205 One Size Pair
3 Silipos Gel Metatarsal Pad with Built-In Toe Spreader
Anatomically designed for comfort and protection of metatarsal heads.
091261221 Small / Medium Pair
4 Silipos Gel Foot Cover
Thin layer of gel covered with fabric offers complete toe and metatarsal protection.
091261288 Small 9.5×12.5cm Pair
091261296 Large 11×15cm Pair
5 Silipos Universal Gel Strap
Comfortable elastic sleeve with anatomically designed gel pad to cover all five metatarsal heads.
Gel covered
091261502 Small / Medium Pair 091261551 Large / X-Large Pair
Gel uncovered
091261395 Small / Medium Pair 6 Silipos Gel-E-Roll
An elastic bandage coated one side with a layer of Silipos polymer gel. 10cm x 120cm.
7 Silipos Gel Dots
Used to reduce abrasion, friction and pressure points. 091130780 3mm thick × 3cm diameter Pack of 15
8 Silipos Gel SquaresTM
Versatile solution for discomfort related to pressure and friction. Can be trimmed to customised size. 10×10cm, 3mm thick. 091261304 Adhesive Pack of 2
091261338 Non-Adhesive Pack of 2
9 Toe Bolster
Toe Bolsters are latex foam moulds covered in chamois leather with elastic loop to fit over toe. The bolsters provide under support to the toes which have a tendency to retract.
Left Right
091264340 091264357 Small 091264316 091264332 Medium 091264365 091264324 Medium Long 091264290 091264308 Large
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