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                 Water Distillers and Ultrasonic Cleaners
1 MDS RO 3L Water Distiller
Can supply 3 litres of RO water every 20 minutes and does not require a power source so is highly economical and eco friendly. The 3L stainless steel tank is easy to clean and is covered by a plastic shell. With temperature control which is fully adjustable to ensure the water is ready for use with autoclaves. Can be fitted under a sink unit. Requires fitting , quote available on request. 091513001
2 MDS 1.5L Water Purifier
A portable and smaller water purifier, produces 1L of distilled water per hour.
3 MDS 3L Ultrasonic Bath
Ideal for cleaning soiled instruments before sending through an autoclave. Recommended washing time of 3-30mins depending on amount of soiling. Washer can be set between 1-90mins and includes:
• Heater
• Timer
240×140×70mm (Permitted level) 091536994
4 Medi-PH-Safe Non Foaming Cleaner
Mild Alkaline cleaning solution more suited to higher temperatures. Aluminium friendly.
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