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                 Work Tables
    1 SKM EasywindTM Tilt Table 900mm
The Activity Easywind Tilting Table is an incredibly flexible,
height adjustable table. It features a stainless steel basin that can be used for water play with a lockable timber infill for when the basin is not in use. The table has an adjustable angled surface with lip, and twin wheels that lock, ensuring that the table will not slip or pivot, leaving the user free to concentrate on the activity
at hand. Available in standard versions. Tilt 0° to 70°.
Height Adjustment
091134741 Standard 60-86cm (Wheels) 091320639 Standard 52-78cm (Glides)
6 wks
Delivery is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. These items are shipped direct. Oversize items will be subject to additional carriage charges. Please contact Customer Services for more information.
This item is made to order and, therefore, is not refundable.
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