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                 Range of Motion
   1 Baseline® Universal Inclinometer
Replaces the goniometer for quick and easy upper and lower extremity range of motion measurements. Fluid damped to permit, accurate readings. Ideal for small surfaces like the hand. The extension arm is ideal for longer surfaces like the arm and the leg. Longer base provides stable contact resulting in a more accurate reading.
2 Baseline® Inclinometer
Gives readings for flexion, extension, abduction and adduction, as well as rotation in the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and spine. Gives 1° increments of measurement.
Pocket size. Latex free.
3 CROM (Cervical Range of Motion Instrument)
Provides accurate, repeatable measurements of cervical movement and the objective data that third party payers require. The CROM combines AMA required inclinometers and magnets in an easy to use instrument. Eliminates positioning, zeroing and tracking errors common with stand-alone inclinometers.
Allows rotation movements in upright position. Standardised protocol minimises chance for examiner error. Comfortable, lightweight frame positions easily and securely with hook and loop fastener straps. CROM comes complete with manual, normal values, magnetic yoke and convenient storage case. 081029255
4 Baseline® Scoliometer
Measures six areas to detect scoliosis, and provides three measurements to detect abnormal anteropostero curves. Evaluates progress during treatment, without X-rays. Measures the unstable lumbosacral curve as well as the cervical and thoracic curves. Calibrated in centimetres, millimetres and degrees. Latex free.
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