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   1 Economy Stopwatch 1
For use in timing evaluations, modalities and exercise programmes. Chronograph features a time/calendar display, alarm and 24 hour stopwatch that counts in intervals of 1/100 seconds for the first 30 minutes and 1 second for up to 24 hours. Battery included.
081296425 Economy Stopwatch
2 Long Ring Timer
Sixty minute, spring wound timer in white plastic. Rings a 10 second signal at the end of interval. Measures 6.5×11cm (25/8 x 4˝).
3 Digital Pocket Timer
Countdown Timer in 1 second units with audible alarm, complete with back clip. Dimensions 6×6cm.
4 Hand Volumeter Set
Designed following specifications of Paul Brand, MD,
volumeter accurately measures hand and distal forearm
oedema for objective monitoring of oedema-reducing treatments. Oedema levels are measured by measuring the fluid overflow resulting from immersion of the injured hand in the volumeter tank. Set includes 9×13×28cm volumeter tank, receiver to
catch overflow, and a 500ml graduated cylinder to allow precise measurement of water displacement.
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