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                 Bath Seats & Benches
         1 Homecraft Transfer Bath Bench
An extra wide bath seat that sits with two legs inside the bath and two legs outside. The user sits securely on the seat and has plenty of room to manoeuvre during a side transfer.
The heavily padded seat is divided into two sections to allow
for water drainage. The padded backrest provides comfort and support, while the handle can be used to assist with side transfer. Made from aluminium, the frame is strong but lightweight.
May be assembled for use on either side of the bath. The legs are finished with ferrules, with the larger ones placed in the
bath. External seat height adjustable from 559 to 660mm (22 to 26˝). Maximum clearance from floor 610mm (24˝). Seat size 700×406mm (271/2×16˝). Weight 5.8kg.
  Maximum 120 183/4
 user weight
kg st
  2 Homecraft Ascot Combined Board and Seat System
A luxury product combining a bath board with a bath seat, ensuring correct alignment with no possibility of movement between them. The frame is adjustable to allow for variations in bath depth. Both seat and board are padded for maximum comfort. Available with either standard or front cut-away seat for easier personal cleansing. Seat height 153mm (6˝).
Seat size 360×305mm (14×12˝). Board width 235mm (91/4˝). Board length 670mm (261/2˝). Weight 7.6kg.
Seat Style
091072701 Standard 081305028 Cut-away
  Maximum 127 20
 user weight
kg st
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
     UK Medical Customers Tel: 03448 730 035 UK Trade Customers Tel: 03444 124 330 International Customers Tel: +44 1623 448 706

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