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                 Shower Screens
    1 Portascreen Shower Guard
The Portascreen shower guard makes containing shower spray simple. Portable and easy to handle, the Portascreen folds flat for storage. The hinged doors are easily moved and positioned to provide maximum protection for the carer when assisting with a shower. Height 815mm (32˝). Total length 1474mm (4´ 10˝). Size when folded 530×815mm (21×32˝). Weight 8.5kg.
2 Portable Shower Screens
Manufactured from opaque polycarbonate encased in stylish and sturdy aluminium frames, these portable shower screens have integral handles for moving and carrying. Finished in soft white
to blend into most shower areas, the frames have a rounded edge profile for safety and style. The hinges rotate through 90°, enabling the screen to be positioned or moved as required. Available as a two panel screen, each panel measuring 900mm (351/2˝). Also available in two heights.
Height Weight
091428283 Two Panel 750mm (291/2˝) 11kg 091176106 Two Panel 900mm (351/2˝) 13kg
3 Carerscreen
The Carerscreen is an easily portable alternative to a fixed shower enclosure. Compact and lightweight, it helps to keep the carer dry during assisted bathing, whilst the folding design allows for easy storage when not in use. Fitted with robust handles to assist with positioning and lifting, the Carerscreen is easy to handle and use when a temporary shower enclosure is required. By incorporating more panels within the screen, it enables adjustment for the
carer to be closer to the user. The low screen height, 750mm (291/2˝), also allows easier reaching for the carer. Two year guarantee. Available without a water seal on the underside of the screens only. Panels measure 750×450mm (291/2˝×173/4˝) and 750×225mm (291/2˝×81/2˝). Weight 9kg.
091428341 Without Seal
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