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                 Bathing Accessories
1 EZ Shower
A practical bedside shower that can be hung on either a bed
post or IV pole via a strong nylon cord. The bag holds 11.3 litres (21/2 gallons) of water, which is directed through a 60cm (24˝) hose to a compact shower rose. The hose has an on/off switch so that the user has full control of the water flow. Ideal for use with the inflatable bath or shampoo basin. Weight 930kg.
2 Hair Washing Tray for Bed
A shaped plastic tray that enables hair to be washed in bed by a helper with no spillage or discomfort. The waste water runs from the spout to a suitable receptacle placed on the floor. Colour of tray may vary. Width 395mm (151/2˝). Length 755mm (293/4˝). Weight 700g.
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