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                 Bathing Accessories
   1 Inflatable Shampoo Basin 1
Designed for comfortable and convenient in-bed shampooing, this inflatable basin provides secure, form-fitting support
that cushions the head and shoulders and includes a built-in inflatable headrest. Made from heavy duty vinyl. The 1m (40˝) flexible drainage hose has a stopper at the end for control when emptying. Designed to be lightweight, portable and compact for convenient storage. Width 610mm (24˝). Length 510mm (20˝). Depth 200mm (8˝). Weight 680g.
2 Homecraft Shampoo Basin
Simple, sturdy PVC shampoo basin that easily inflates by mouth or pump. Ideal for bed use, it is easily and conveniently drained with a one-way hose. Length 660mm (26˝). Width 610mm (24˝). Depth 150mm (6˝). Weight 725g.
3 Nilaqua Shampoo
Completely clean hair without water or rinsing. Ideal for camping, travelling and the elderly or infirm. Nilaqua Shampoo is an alcohol free and hospital-approved hair cleanser that leaves hair fresh, clean and odour free without water or rinsing. Simply apply, massage to a lather and towel dry. Note this is not a dry shampoo.
091311034 200ml bottle
4 Rinse Free Shampoo Cap
Shampoo your hair without water or rinsing! The Rinse Free Shampoo Cap is the most convenient and effective way to clean and revive your hair without any fuss. The Rinse Free Shampoo Cap can be warmed in a microwave prior to use for the nicest feeling of warmth during a cleansing head and hair massage. Simply place the cap on your head and massage until the hair feels saturated. Remove the cap and discard in an appropriate receptacle. No additional conditioner is required. Towel dry the hair, comb and style as normal. The Rinse Free Shampoo Cap is perfect on camping holidays or when ill or convalescing. 091310978 Sold as single units
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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