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                 Bathing Accessories
1 Hair Washing Tray
Easy to use tray rests comfortably on the shoulders for easy upright shampooing. Features a unique flexible rubber edging that surrounds the tray and neck opening to provide superior comfort and prevent slipping. Compact and lightweight,
it prevents awkward bending for those with limited motion and reduces back strain for the carer. A raised edge prevents the water from spilling over and contoured sides support the neck. A 889mm (35˝) strap wraps around the user’s forearm to stabilise the tray. Size 330×445mm (13×171/2˝). Weight 550g. 091078203
2 Homecraft Hair Washing Tray for Sink
A plastic tray, shaped to fit behind the neck and attached with a hook and loop strap. Enables hair to be washed by a helper over a sink or bath with no spillage.
Width 214mm (81/2˝). Depth 50mm (2˝). Weight 175g. 091078138
3 Comfort Cape Hair Washing Tray
This soft, lightweight flexible hair washing tray conforms around any chair or basin, allowing the user to remain upright during shampooing and reducing the risk of back strain for the carer. The buckle fastening allows adjustment to multiple neck sizes. Hook & loop straps are provided for a snug fit. Width 585mm (23˝). Length 635mm (25˝). Depth 75mm (3˝). 081166263
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