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                 Bathing Accessories
1 Bath Shortener
Designed to enable shorter people to bathe in safety and comfort. Rubber suckers are fitted to attach the Bath Shortener to the foot of the bath to prevent it slipping. Does not interfere with water filling or draining. Shortens the bath by approx 255mm (10˝). Height 330mm (13˝). Width 356mm (14˝). Weight 1.8kg. 091078328
  Maximum 190 30
2 Bath Safety Strips
These bath safety strips are perfect for all bath shapes and sizes. They are made from soft textured rubber and are adhesive backed for easy installation. Supplied as a pack of 20 strips. Length 216mm (81/2˝).
3 Homecraft Everyday Corner Shower Mat
A unique design that fits corner showers to reduce the risk of slipping. The ‘basket-weave’ pattern is an effective non-slip surface and the mat is held in place with numerous, large suckers. Made from high quality natural rubber, the corners have been sculpted to fit a variety of drain-hole positions. Size 660×480mm (19×26˝).
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These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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