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                 Bathing Accessories
1 Homecraft Flannel Strap and Wash Mit
A cotton flannel strap designed to help reach awkward places. The cotton terry surface can be used for washing and the coarse foam on the reverse can be used for scouring and toning your skin. The D-shape handles allow an easy, secure grip. Supplied with a matching hand mitt for washing the remainder of your body. Hand wash at 40°C. Length of strap 800mm (311/2˝). Width 100mm (4˝). Total length 940mm (37˝). Weight 107g. 081611078
2 Homecraft Dual Function Lotion and Cream Applicator
Apply cream and massage skin at the same time with this long- handled applicator. Simply remove the top of the applicator and fill with the desired cream or lotion. The rotating balls ensure even distribution and a pleasant massage. Alternatively, the interchangeable foam head can be used to apply thicker creams directly onto the skin. The foam head should be cleaned in hot, soapy water. All other parts are dishwasher safe. Handle length 350mm (133/4˝). Weight 150g.
3 Lotion Applicator
Specially designed to help apply moisturising lotions, suntan oils, sport creams and medications on hard to reach places. The built up, ribbed handle has a thumb rest and is angled in two places for maximum manoeuvrability. The sponge can be removed when worn and replaced with a new one. Handle is 305mm (12˝) long. Weight 50g.
091077973 Lotion Applicator 091077981 Replacement Sponges×2
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