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1 Classic FormTM Large Shaped Pads
Absorbent shaped pads for those that suffer with moderate to heavy faecal and urinary incontinence. Features a high level of absorbency and protection with a gentle, comfortable feel. For a more secure fit, the Classic Form shaped pads can be used with the stretch pants. Suitable for both men and women. Latex free. Hypoallergenic, odour control.
Pack Size
091203462 Regular 28 091203470 Extra 28
2 Classic PadTM Inserts
1300mls 1750mls
  For light to moderate incontinence. These pads are enclosed in a stay dry cover for comfort and have a plastic shield which helps prevent leakage. An adhesive strip helps the pad remain secure. These can be worn with stretch pants and stretch boxer shorts. Can also be used with all-in-ones and pull-up pants to reinforce the level of absorption and cover longer periods of time. Latex free. Odour control.
Insert Pad without PE backing
091282946 Extra 15×47cm 091282961 Maxi 15×60cm Insert Pad with PE backing 091196609 Mini 11×36cm 091083542 Extra 15×47cm 091083559 Maxi 15×60cm
Pack Size
30 30
28 28 30
600mls 1050mls
400mls 722mls 1250mls
  3 Rectangular Pads for Pouch Pants
These pads easily absorb about 250ml of fluid. Designed for use with pouch pants, they have no waterproof backing or stick-on strip. The cellulose fluff absorbs wetness quickly and reliably. The breathable non-woven top layer is especially skin friendly. Supplied in a pack of 56.
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