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    Suprem Absorbency Scale
                     1 Suprem FormTM Large Shaped Pads
These breathable, large shaped pads are suitable for moderate to severe incontinence. The ‘top dry’ layer ensures the pad always feels dry. Designed for use with stretch pants. Suitable for both men and women.
Regular + Extra + Super + Maxi
Pack Size
25 25 20 20
1570mls 2230mls 2740mls 2920mls
       2 Suprem LightTM Small Shaped Pads
High quality, small shaped pads specifically designed for
active and independent people suffering from light to moderate incontinence. Anatomically shaped for comfort, they have self- adhesive strips to allow them to be worn with the users own close fitting pants. Suitable for both men and women.
091196625 Mini 091213545 Normal 091196633 Extra 091321967 Extra+ 091083435 Super 091196641 Maxi
20 28 28 16 28 28
Size Pack Size
220mls 370mls 600mls 750mls 830mls 1030mls
 3 Suprem For MenTM Small Shaped Pads
The Suprem For Men pads are specifically shaped to provide maximum protection in the front area of the pad. If the pad is turned around it can also be used for protection from faecal smearing. The shape of the pads adapts to the male anatomy, providing a more comfortable and secure fit. Discrete with anti- leakage security. Ideal for the light to moderate incontinence.
Size Pack Size Absorbency
091213560 Extra 14 600mls
4 Maxi Tub EasySeal
Disposal of personal care products such as incontinence pads or stoma care products can often be a problem. The Maxi Tub EasySeal unit is a unique product designed to hygienically
wrap, seal and conceal used personal care products simply
and effectively, without odour or fuss. It is discreet and easy to use and fits neatly into the bathroom or bedroom. Replacement cassettes contain film with anti-bacterial barrier and a fresh citrus fragrance. With its large capacity it saves the user making regular trips to an outside bin. Weight 3.2kg.
091081637 Disposal Unit 091081652 Light Odour Cassette 091422948 Extra Odour Cassette
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