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                 Rolyan® Introductory Kits & Packs
    1.6mm 70° to 75°C water for 35 seconds 2.4mm 70° to 75°C water for 1 minute 3.2mm 70° to 75°C water for 1 minute 4.8mm 70° to 75°C water for 1 to 2 minutes
   Rolyan® Aquaplast-TTM WatercoloursTM Rolyan® Paediatric Pack A
Convenient size for paediatric splinting or for hand-based splints for adults. Save time and money by ordering
15 × 23cm sheets in 8 colours: 3.2mm solid electric blue, hot pink, spring green, charcoal, pastel blue and red. 2.4mm solid purple. 1.6mm 19% OptiPerf blush. 081303155
1.6mm 1 to 2 minutes of working time 2.4mm 2 to 3 minutes of working time 3.2mm 4 to 6 minutes of working time 4.8mm 4 to 7 minutes of working time
         Rolyan® Aquaplast-TTM WatercolorsTM Rolyan® Multi-Colour Variety Packs
Order Watercolors in 46 × 61cm size in a mixed pack per details below to get the case quantity discount. Available in the following combinations:
‘Bold’ Watercolours Pack
Contains one each of purple, hot pink, charcoal and red. 081048669 3.2mm Solid
‘Pastel’ Watercolours Pack
1/8˝ packs contain one each of spring green, beige, lavender, and pastel blue.
081048685 3.2mm Solid
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