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                 Support Rails
    1 Hinged Arm Support Rail
This uniquely designed, hinged support rail provides the user with stable assistance when lowering or rising from the toilet. The support rail locks automatically in the upright position when raised. The tube is manufactured from coated steel. Available in four lengths: 600mm (231/2˝), 700mm (271/2˝), 800mm (311/2˝) and 900mm (351/2˝). Distance from the wall when upright 215mm (81/2˝). Wall plate 250 x115mm (94/5×41/3˝).
Rail Length
600mm (231/2˝) 700mm (271/2˝) 800mm (311/2˝) 900mm (351/2˝)
2 Support Leg
For extra strength and confidence, the support leg can be used with all Linido hinged arm support rails. The leg is hinged and moves up and down with the arm support. Consists of an adjustable leg support, clamps and distance stay bar.
The leg can be easily adjusted in height from 700 to 850mm (271/2 to 331/2˝). The hinged arm support is sold separately; please see above.
Maximum load weight
3 Floor Console
Wall mounted support rails may sometimes not be best practise or desired; the floor console offers an alternative solution.
Once mounted the Linido hinged arm support can be adjusted in height to a maximum of 860mm (34˝). Consists of a floor plate and aluminium clamps for attaching the hinged arm support. The hinged arm support is sold separately, please see above. Height of floor console 1000mm (391/4˝). Maximum height 860mm (34˝) to the top of the support rail. Base footprint 200×100mm (8×4˝).
Maximum load weight
Maximum load weight
150 kg
150 kg
231/2 st
     150 kg
231/2 st
       231/2 st
The maximum user weight/load given for these products is dependent upon the correct choice of fixings for the mounting surface. For this reason, all rails should be installed by a person who has suitable qualifications and/or experience in installing this type of product, ensuring the fixtures are appropriate for the specific installation.
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