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                 Commode Accessories
    1 WacMat
Protect carpets with the WacMat, a machine washable rug that
is ideal for use as a commode mat or anywhere within the house. Made from 100% cotton pile with a 100% waterproof backing. The WacMat is an ideal accessory where spills may occur.
Once washed, the mat may be tumble dried, leaving it clean, odour free and ready for use time and time again.
Size 600×900mm (231⁄2×351⁄2˝). Machine washable to 40°C. 091080464 Blue
091080472 Green
091080480 Grey
2 CareBag® Commode Liner
Designed to avoid the commode soiling, the CareBag hygienic liner for commodes provides maximum safety conditions for both the user and the carer, be it at home, in health institutions or whilst travelling. Absorbs 500ml of organic liquids or several litres of demineralised water. Come in a pack of 20. 091322833
3 Commode Pan with Lid
This plastic moulded pan comes complete with lid and
carrying handle. Weight 500g. Pan capacity 2 litres. Internal width 250mm (10˝). External width with rim 260mm (101/4˝). 091081272
4 Square Commode Bowl
For use with the Homecraft mobile wheeled commodes and the Homecraft Atlantic commode chairs. Holds up to 1 litre of waste. Height 155mm (6˝). Width 332.5mm (13˝). Depth 332.5mm (13˝). 091081280
5 Oval Commode Pan With Locking Lid
Commode pan and lid for use with the Basket Weave and Deluxe Commode chairs. The pear shaped design makes it suitable for both men and women. Features a handle at the back which helps the user to keep the pan steady when emptying it, avoiding inconvenient spills. Pan capacity 5 litres.
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