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                 Wheeled Commodes
          1 Homecraft Aluminium Shower Commode Chair
A lightweight, mobile shower commode chair that can also be used over the toilet. The chair is rust proof due to the anodised aluminium frame, making it ideal for use in a wet environment.
It incorporates a pushing handle and swivel castors to enable carers to push the patient around with ease and in comfort.
The blow moulded seat can be easily removed for cleaning.
All four castors have brakes for added safety. Supplied with a commode pan as standard. Optional footrests are available. Seat height 570mm (221⁄2˝). Seat width 430mm (17˝). Seat depth 460mm (18˝). Armrest height above seat 170mm (63⁄4˝). Clearance without pan 490mm (191⁄4˝). External height 1050mm (411⁄4˝). External width 560mm (22˝). External depth 585mm (23˝). External depth with footrests 830mm (321⁄2˝).
Diameter of castors 125mm (5˝). 091438738 Shower Commode Chair 091438431 Optional footrests
  Maximum 100 153/4
 user weight
kg st
  2 Homecraft Deluxe Shower Commode Chairs
This deluxe shower commode chair features a lightweight, silver painted aluminium frame, which provides a rust free, high strength product. It is available as an attendant-propelled version or a self-propelling version that offers the user independence. The front castors have brakes for security,
the swing away detachable footrests offer comfort while being transported and the armrests can be flipped back to facilitate side transfer. The chair can be used in a shower cubicle or wet room, used as a commode or used over a standard toilet bowl. The front of the seat is cut-away to facilitate personal hygiene, however, a seat insert is provided for comfort during transport.
A square bowl is fitted as standard. The detachable back means the shower commode chair is more compact for storage.
Height 990mm (40˝). Depth without footrests: Self-propelled 840mm (33˝); Attendant-propelled 550mm (213/4˝). Depth with footrests: Self-propelled 1110mm (433/4˝); Attendant-propelled 810mm (313/4˝). Overall depth: Self-propelled 690mm (27˝); Attendant-propelled 555mm (22˝). Seat height 540mm (211/4˝). Seat width 457mm (18˝). Seat depth 425mm (163/4˝). Aperture size 190×360mm (71/2×14˝)Front wheel diameter 130mm (5˝). Rear self-propelling wheels 600mm (24˝). Under seat clearance 465mm (181/2˝). Aperture size 356×445mm (14-171/2˝). 091183706 Attendant-Propelled
081135367 Self-Propelled
  Maximum 125 191/2
 user weight
kg st
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
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