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                 Commode Chairs
1 Homecraft Bedroom Commode
This attractively designed woven commode chair integrates subtly into virtually any home décor. The wipe clean weave is flexible and forgiving, giving ample support and comfort for
the user. A vinyl covered foam seat pad is supplied, providing a comfortable chair when not in use as a commode. The moulded plastic seat is ergonomically shaped for comfort and also accommodates the easily removable pan, which is supplied with a lid and folding handle for ease of use. Seat height 462mm (181/4˝). Seat width 437mm (171/4˝). Seat depth 437mm (171/4˝). Width at top 519mm (201 /2 ˝). Total height 769mm (301/4˝).
Base width 562mm (22˝). Weight 7kg.
   Maximum 160 25
 user weight
kg st
 2 Extra-Wide Royale Commode Chair
Similar to the standard Royale commode chair, but with a seat width of 530mm (21˝) for the larger user. All other specifications as above.
  Maximum 160 25
 user weight
kg st
 3 Royale Commode Chairs
This attractive polished hardwood armchair not only looks stylish, but converts to a commode in seconds. A washable vinyl seat cushion hides the hygienic, sealed plastic tray with integral potty. The inner tray may be removed for cleaning. The commode pan is supplied with a lid, which seals in the contents when the handle is lifted, thus allowing easy removal and transportation. Seat size 430×420mm (17×161/2˝). Back height 870mm (341/4˝). Height
to top of arm rest 670mm (261/3˝).Seat height 480mm (19˝). Footprint 530×590mm (21×23˝). Weight 16.3kg. 091081140 Dusky Pink
091081231 Blue
091081249 Green 091081264 Rich Brown
   Maximum 160 25
 user weight
kg st
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
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