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                 Pre-cut Splints
      1 Rolyan® Thumb Hole Wrist Cock-Up Splint
Provides support with control of radial and ulnar deviation. Pack of 3. For sizing, see page 29.
Aquaplast-T 3.2mm Solid White
081262294 Small
081262351 Medium
Polyform 3.2mm Perforated White 081047646 Small
081047653 Medium
2 Rolyan® Radial Bar Wrist Cock-Up Splint
Provides dorsal or volar wrist support. Makes an ideal dynamic outrigger base. Pack of 3. For sizing, see page 29. Aquaplast-T 3.2mm Solid White
081262468 Small
081262542 Medium Polyform 3.2mm Solid White
081262476 Small 081262559 Medium
3 Rolyan® Resting Pan Mitt Splint (Solid)
Designed to provide support for the wrist and MP or CMC joint of the thumb. May be used on either the volar or dorsal aspect of the hand. Ideal for arthritic and neurological conditions where support and protection are desired. Pack of 3.
Ezeform 3.2mm Solid White
081289974 Small 081289941 Medium 081289917 Large
4 Rolyan® Functional Positioning Splint (Solid)
A static resting splint designed to immobilise the wrist, fingers and thumb joints. Enables painful or deformed joints to be placed in an anatomically correct position for optimum functional alignment. Ideal for neurological conditions, burns, arthritis and post surgery. Pack of 3.
Aquaplast-T 3.2mm Solid White
081265297 Small 081265263 Medium 081265230 Large
Ezeform 3.2mm Solid White 081265321 X-Small 081265305 Small 081265271 Medium 081265248 Large
5 Rolyan® Functional Positioning Splint (Perforated)
6.4mm perforations are patterned so rigidity is not compromised, providing maximum air flow and ventilation to underlying skin. Ideal for hot or humid climates. Pack of 3.
Ezeform 3.2mm Perforated White
081265172 Small 081265180 Medium 081265198 Large
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