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                 High Seat Chairs
1 Adjustable Metal Framed Chair
These chairs are adjustable in height, making them suitable for
a number of users. The frame is made from steel tubing giving both strength and durability. The seat, back and arm pads are padded for comfort and are covered in easy to clean vinyl.
Large rubber feet help to maintain the chair’s stability and prevent slipping on hard or soft surfaces. Seat width 480mm (18˝). Seat depth 440mm (171⁄2˝). Width between arms 495mm (191⁄2˝). Overall height 1050mm (411⁄2˝). Seat height 440 to 520mm (171/2×201/2˝). Weight 11.4kg.
091086842 Brown Maximum 160 25
user weight
2 Adjustable Metal Framed Chair with Wings
Similar to the 091086842 above, but with side wings for extra comfort and support. Specifications as 091086842. Weight 12kg. 091086826 Brown
   kg st
   Maximum 160 25
user weight
kg st
 3 Extra Wide Adjustable Metal Framed Chair
An extra wide seat and reinforced frame for the larger user. Transfer wheels for easier movement. Arms are made from polyurethane. Seat width 610mm (24˝). Seat depth 430mm (17˝). Width between arms 590mm (231⁄4˝). Seat height 460 to 565mm (18 to 221⁄4˝). Weight 18kg.
   Maximum 254 40
 user weight
kg st
These products are designed for bariatric users
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