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                 Bed & Chair Raisers
    1 Langham Linked Chair Raiser
A set of four moulded blocks, linked together by slotted wooden straps for added security. The system is clamped into position with two wing nuts and the height is adjusted by inserting the blocks supplied. Height raise 50 (2˝), 75mm (3˝) or 100mm (4˝). Maximum width of leg 70mm (23/4˝) diameter. Overall width adjustment 432×330mm (17×13˝). Maximum chair dimensions 785×685mm (31×27˝). Weight 2.5kg.
Maximum load weight
2 Langham Linked Bed Raiser
Similar to the 091089051, this has two sets of two moulded blocks linked together for use with a bed. The blocks have a broad base for stability and are adjustable in height, using the inserts supplied. Once adjusted, the units are secured with a wing nut. Height raise 63 to 113mm (21/2 to 41/2˝) in 25mm (1˝) increments. Maximum width of leg 70mm (23/4˝) diameter. Overall width adjustment 914 to 1460mm (36 to 571⁄2˝). Weight 3.5kg.
Maximum load weight
3 Homecraft Linked Bed Raisers
This metal framed bed raiser is width and height adjustable, providing the user with a more comfortable position whilst getting in and out of bed. The width adjustment allows the raisers to be used on a single, double, queen or king-size bed. To keep the raiser at the required height, a grub screw is inserted into the tube using an Allen key, which is supplied. The telescopic frame is easily installed and adjusted using the black knob. The raiser is fixed to the side of the bed frame using screws for security. Supplied as a pair, one for each end of the bed. Castor size 50mm (2˝). Bed width 900 to 1540mm (351/2 to 601/2˝).
091176262 Wheeled 97 - 347mm (33/4 -131/2˝)
Maximum load weight
500 kg
         318 kg
78 st
 500 kg
78 st
  50 st
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