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                 Bed & Chair Raisers
    1 Langham Sure-Grip Raisers
Designed to make furniture raising as simple as possible. These raisers feature a double grip to firmly hold onto the furniture. Each unit is simple to twist to give a variable height range from 38 to 100mm (11/2 to 4˝), for furniture with legs up to 70mm (23/4˝). These raisers can also accommodate castors, solid divan bases and even block feet by using the included adhesive pad adaptors.
Maximum load weight
2 Langham Grip-On Raisers
Cleverly designed raisers that can be adjusted in height and
are suitable for either round or square legs. The rubber flanges within each raiser lock them in place around the chair leg, which enables the furniture to be moved without the raisers falling off. Raise 25mm (1˝), 50mm (2˝) and 75mm (3˝). Available in three sizes to fit chair or bed leg measurements.
700 kg
    Max. Leg or Castor SizeWeight
Maximum load weight
3 Leg-X Adjustable Raisers
32mm (1⁄4˝) 45mm (13⁄4˝) 58mm (21⁄4˝)
500g each 800g each 800g each
500 kg
110 st
  78 st
     Moulded sleeves that have plastic inserts to give different height raises to chairs. Integral fins and a domed base give a pressure fit over the leg. Useful for odd-shaped legs. Supplied as a set
of four with inserts. Sleeve height 200mm (8˝). Maximum leg diameter 45mm (13/4˝). Height raise 75, 100 or 125mm (3, 4 or 5˝). Weight 255g each. Supplied as set of four.
Maximum load weight
380 kg
60 st
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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