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                 Bed Grab Rails
1 Homecraft Double Loop Bed Stick
This bed stick has a double loop to assist users getting in and out of the bed. It fits securely under the mattress, is adjustable in width and fits single and double beds.
Length 980 to 1430mm (381/2 to 561/4˝). Height 445mm (171/2˝). 091325661
   Maximum 106 161/2
user weight
kg st
 2 Homecraft Bed Grab Rail
An ultra sturdy bed grab rail, offering stability and confidence to those that have difficulty getting into and out of bed.
The height adjustable frame can be positioned to suit virtually any divan style bed. Two legs rest upon the floor and the frame is secured into place via the three colour coded straps provided, ensuring minimal movement when in use. Supplied flat packed, the Homecraft bed grab rail is simple to assemble and fit. Height of handle 850 to 950mm (331/2 to 371/2˝) from the floor. Width of handle at the top 265mm (101/2˝). Size of under mattress frame 620×325mm (241/2×123/4˝). Weight 3.5kg.
  Maximum 127 20
 user weight
kg st
 3 2-in-1 Bed Rail
This 2-in-1 Bed Rail is an award winning bed rail that helps provide secure support for users when getting in and out of bed. The bed rail can be used on both divan and slatted beds. Not suitable for profiling beds.
A slim yet tough base increases the strength of the handles, which allows for a maximum user weight of 25st (160kg). It also minimises the impact of the bed rail under the mattress, giving you a more restful night’s sleep. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for the user’s lifting action from sitting to standing. The Bed Rail is held securely in place using two easy fit straps. It is detached from the base by two e-clips enabling it to be positioned as required for either type of bed. Can be autoclaved at cleaning cycles up to 80oC. Length 615mm (24˝).
Width 335mm (13˝). Height from bed (slatted) 515mm (201/4˝). Base depth 15mm (1⁄2˝).
  Maximum 160 25
user weight
kg st
 4 Slatted Bed Grab Rail
Suitable for slatted beds. Large base frame for maximum under mattress stability. Base width 625mm (241/2˝). Base length 775mm (301/2˝). Base to top of handle 480mm (19˝). 091325752
           Maximum 190 30
user weight
kg st
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