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                 Bed Assists
    1 Homecraft Pillow Lifter
Unlike a mattress elevator, this device enables the user to lift
and lower one person on a single to king size bed to the desired position, without disturbing the other person. The electrically powered pillow lifter is operated with an easy to use hand control, enabling the user to raise and maintain the pillow at an angle between 9° and 72°. The frame has a maximum user weight of 254kgs (40st) and a width of 740mm (29˝) for the larger user.
A thick padded, flame retardant mattress is provided to ensure excellent comfort for the user. Can be easily wiped clean. Length 1000mm (391/4˝). Maximum width 740mm (29˝). Weight 15kg. 091186600 Complete with side guards
091310747 Complete without side guards
091181692 Spare Transformer
091181718 Spare Sideguards
091316207 Spare Handcontroller
  Maximum 254 40
  user weight
kg st
 2 Airflo Leg Lifter
This discreet, portable leglifter is an inflatable device that provides essential assistance to lift and transfer the user’s legs into bed independently. Reduces the risk to the carer and increases independent living. Operated using a simple hand controller, which controls the AirfloTM compressor. The leglifter will fit the majority of beds, including profiling beds. Supplied with a detachable cover. Inflated length 1240mm (483/4˝). Inflated width 570mm (221/2˝). Inflated thickness 100mm (4˝). Weight 16kg. 091171651
  Maximum 135 211/4
user weight
kg st
These products are designed for bariatric users
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
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